Brief Assessment of ADHD in Women


This event will be live on January 26th, 2024. 9:00am-12:00pm Mountain Time.

This workshop is about the assessment of ADHD in women and is aimed at clinical psychologists who are interested in the unique challenges of assessing ADHD in adult women. Dr. Sira will share her process of conducting brief ADHD assessments and the rationale behind her approach. 

 Learning Objectives: 

  •  Attendees will learn about the prevalence of ADHD and how it manifests differently across the lifespan and across genders.  
  •  Attendees will learn the most common mental health diagnoses that can mimic ADHD as well as those diagnoses that are frequently comorbid with ADHD. 
  •  Following the workshop, they will understand what information to collect in the clinical interview to obtain historical and current symptoms, and identify reasonable assessment tools to try to tease apart the source of symptoms in complex cases.   
  •  After completing the workshop, the attendees will have an assessment plan for an online or in-person assessment of ADHD in adults.  
  •  The attendees will also be introduced to how ADHD adults benefit from specific coaching for executive function weaknesses in self-regulation, planning and organization. 

Those who view the live or recorded webinar will be eligible to obtain continuing education credits. Earn 3 Continuing Education (CE) credits from the Canadian Psychological Association for attending this event.

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Presenter information

Dr. Claire Sira, Neuropsychologist

Dr. Sira completed a PhD in Clinical Psychology with a Neuropsychology specialisation at UVic in 2007. She worked as the Neuropsychologist at Victoria General Hospital for 5 years, before shifting to full time private practice in 2014.  In 2019, she expanded her work into assessing and treating ADHD in adults and youth as the executive function impairments that are most problematic in adults ADHD are similar to those that can accompany an acquired brain injury.  

Dr. Sira offers supervision and training to psychologists and other therapists who are expanding their skill sets into ADHD assessment and treatment. She consults with clinics and specialized teams to integrate mental and behavioural healthcare into their services.   She is supervisor for graduate students in clinical and counselling psychology and holds adjunct positions at UVIC, UBCO and UBC. 

Dr. Sira has the pleasure of working on several Boards of Directors including the British Columbia Psychological Association, the Canadian Psychological Association and the Council for the Professional Practice of Psychology. She is also involved with the College of Psychologists of BC, acting as an oral examiner for the entrance exam, and providing supervision for psychologists who require support in her areas of competence.

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