Ethical & Effective Marketing & Social Media for Canadian Mental Health Professionals


Mental health professionals have the power to transform lives. Years and years of practice, study, and graduate training have made you experts at healing the hurt, resourcing the under-resourced, and bringing people closer together. You can do so much to help the world. And yet, despite the overwhelming need for mental health services, so many clinicians struggle with keeping their caseloads full.

Whether you lead a large team or work in solo practice, learning the basics of marketing can make all the difference in bringing clients to your door.

But, where to start? How do you create an effective, ethical, and efficient marketing and social media strategy for your practice?

Tune in to this webinar recorded on February 25th at 9:00AM MT to hear from psychologist Dr. Kyler Shumway, online marketing expert, bestselling author, and CEO of one of the largest private practices in Texas, to learn how to up your marketing game as a mental health professional. This webinar will cover topics such as:

  • How to create a powerful marketing plan for your practice
  • The importance of and strategies for building SEO
  • Tips for maximizing your social media
  • Important ethical considerations for Canadian practitioners

This panel format session includes short lectures from the speaker, followed by a Q&A session. 

This event is eligible according to the Canadian Psychological Association for 3 Continuing Education Credits.

Presenter information

Dr. Kyler Shumway

Dr. Kyler Shumway is a bestselling author, psychologist, and CEO of one of the largest psychotherapy practices in Texas. He has been featured by Forbes, The New York Times, CNN, and more for his work in combating the loneliness epidemic. His mission is to help people learn to love themselves and others, build satisfying and meaningful relationships, and find their place to belong.