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Tele-Assessment of Children and Adults: New Approaches and Lessons Learned

Register Now With the fourth-wave of COVID-19 impacting the lives of countless children and adults, many psychologists have recognized that tele-assessment approaches are here to stay. In this advanced workshop, we discuss the ethical and practical approaches to conducting tele-assessments and the new learnings that have emerged through a pandemic of testing. Hear four esteemed […]


14 Principles for Managing a Child with ADHD- Dr. Russell Barkley

Educators and Mental health professionals encounter and support children with ADHD every day. In this webinar, world-renowned ADHD expert Dr. Russell Barkley covers 14 principles for managing a child with ADHD. Whether you are teaching, assessing, or treating students with ADHD, these research tested principles will enhance your ability to support these children. This session […]


The Neuropsychology of Writing Disorders- Dr Steven Feifer

Register Now THE NEUROPSYCHOLOGY OF WRITTEN LANGUAGE DISORDERS: Developing Evidenced Based Interventions by: Steven G. Feifer, D.Ed. This webinar will explore the neuropsychological underpinnings of the written language process, and the use of evidenced based interventions to remediate writing disorders in children. For years, educators have struggled to cultivate more effective writing skills in their […]


Executive Skills in Children and Youth: Assessing and Intervening

Click here to register Executive skills are task-oriented skills that underlie students’ ability to learn. Although seldom taught explicitly, it has become clear, particularly as parents and schools were forced to adapt to the pandemic, that students who are strong in these skills are more successful than those who aren't. This workshop will give participants […]


Ethical & Effective Marketing & Social Media for Canadian Mental Health Professionals

Register Now Mental health professionals have the power to transform lives. Years and years of practice, study, and graduate training have made you experts at healing the hurt, resourcing the under-resourced, and bringing people closer together. You can do so much to help the world. And yet, despite the overwhelming need for mental health services, […]