Recording: Anti-Racism: Clinical Training for Mental Health Professionals


  • Enhance understanding and expand knowledge on key concepts associated with anti-racist clinical care and their impact on psychopathologies, mental health, assessments, and intervention relevance and response. Examples of key concepts include racial traumas, systemic adversities, and the theory of intersectionality. 
  • Understanding the limitations and possible oppressions associated with some assessment and intervention practices in the context of racial traumas, systemic adversities, and related interlocking identities and experiences and how to address them using evidence-informed practices. 
  • Learning to engage in mindfulness and distress tolerance exercises to personal and professional resistance to engage in anti-racist clinical work 
  • Incorporating anti-racist clinical practices at three levels: clinical (assessment, intervention, and consultation), relational, and organizational 
  • Receiving support in integrating a data-informed progress monitoring system into anti-racist organizational outcomes